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8/23/14 Gen
Gen requested this endurance position. Penance? Punishment? Or something kinkier...Click left.

8/26/14 Kitty & Molly
(ropes) Charming back-and-forthsies with these two. It's like Kitty was saving up all her payback points for this afternoon. :)
On our other sites this week...
QualityControl's very special escape challenges show you who your real friends are...
Silly boy makes a silly bet, on TeaseAndThankYou. Unsurprising results, but certainly an entertaining vid...

8/16/14 Malivu
Malivu's little trick on her friend has most of the "-ious's" covered for the week--devious, lascivious, insidious... Click left.

8/19/14 Samantha
(straitjacket) Tasty newbie struggly footage, mmm.
8/9/14 Caroline
The escape practicioner is running her routine over and over and over, trying beat her best time of sub-30 seconds. This'll be the last run before the show...Click left.

8/12/14 Carlin
(black straps) Blonder than summertime and twice as kinky. Carlin learns how to use badufix, also how to use the word "badufix." It was quite the day.
8/2/14 Blair & Sasha
Tearing strips of duct tape, pasting them on her friend, the cameras are forgotten. A moment happens: newbie Blair looks down and realizes her friend is stuck. That if Sasha wants out, she has to ask, she can't do it without help. Blair feels a rush. She keeps going.

Welcome our newest bondagettes. Click left.

8/5/14 Raye
(cuffs) She isn't sure what to do with the situation she finds herself in. Her options are limited, anyway...
7/26/14 Elizabeth
All bets are off once the cuffs go on...

Click left.

7/29/14 HADLEY
(hogtie) Experiments in self-bondage with this fetishy girl. (Experiments in self-escaping are next week.)
7/19/14 Mary & Raye
Surprisingly savage wrestling from these straitjacketed cutey-pies.

Click left.

7/22/14 Morgan
(pillory) Come inside and see exactly why Morgan keeps getting invited back. :)
7/12/14 Naomi
Naomi wants a raise. She says she's up for anything to get one, although I don't think she was expecting something like this.

Click left.

7/15/14 Anna
(cuffed) Yeah but like.... where's the KEY?
When Molly's goth cousin comes to town, all hell breaks lose. Sexy immobilization hell, that is...

Click left.

(nhogtie) A special double newbie update. Come watch Cassandra's solo vibe show.
6/28/14 SKYLAR
She's like an adorable bondage-bot on a relentless quest for the perfect straitjacket. No one is safe, it's useless to resist.

Click left.

(black straps) Newbie learns that laying down around here can be dangerous. There are consequences for dozing off on the job...
6/21/14 Nickie
The phrase "holy ticklegasm" is often overused in the pantyhose bondage fetish world. But Nickie's first CP scene brings just one phrase to mind...

Click left.

6/24/14 Esther
(cuffed) She signed up to model hardware for a security company. ...Why are the cute ones always so gullible?
6/14/14 Daisy
Who knew someone so tiny could have such a big bondage appetite? See our shy newbie quivering with excitement in her first-ever bondage.

Click left.

6/17/14 Skylar
(laughing) Stretched out and thoroughly tickled in an outfit so sexy I almost forgot to press 'record.'
6/7/14 Morgan
Real footage of very sexy Morgan having no choice but to tough out her commitment.

Click left.

6/10/14 Juliah
(legs spread) Cuffs training with shiny Jules.

And a few more weeks...


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