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7/19/14 Mary & Raye
Surprisingly savage wrestling from these straitjacketed cutey-pies.

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7/22/14 Morgan
(pillory) Come inside and see exactly why Morgan keeps getting invited back. :)
Also on our sites this week... Head over to QualityControl.cc to see Nickie's first vibrator scene. Plus, a kinky cousin with revenge on her mind, on TeaseAndThankYou.

7/12/14 Naomi
Naomi wants a raise. She says she's up for anything to get one, although I don't think she was expecting something like this.

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7/15/14 Anna
(cuffed) Yeah but like.... where's the KEY?
When Molly's goth cousin comes to town, all hell breaks lose. Sexy immobilization hell, that is...

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(Segufix hogtie) A special double newbie update. Come watch Cassandra's solo vibe show.
6/28/14 SKYLAR
She's like an adorable bondage-bot on a relentless quest for the perfect straitjacket. No one is safe, it's useless to resist.

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(black straps) Newbie learns that laying down around here can be dangerous. There are consequences for dozing off on the job...
6/21/14 Nickie
The phrase "holy ticklegasm" is often overused in the pantyhose bondage fetish world. But Nickie's first CP scene brings just one phrase to mind...

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6/24/14 Esther
(cuffed) She signed up to model hardware for a security company. ...Why are the cute ones always so gullible?
6/14/14 Daisy
Who knew someone so tiny could have such a big bondage appetite? See our shy newbie quivering with excitement in her first-ever bondage.

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6/17/14 Skylar
(laughing) Stretched out and thoroughly tickled in an outfit so sexy I almost forgot to press 'record.'
6/7/14 Morgan
Real footage of very sexy Morgan having no choice but to tough out her commitment.

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6/10/14 Juliah
(legs spread) Cuffs training with shiny Jules.
5/31/14 Caroline
Co-eds, in need of some quick summer cash, often make concessions for bondage that they might not during the regular school year. The lure of the beach, beers, boys... Long story short, we have Caroline in cuffs for 48 hrs, no matter what...

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6/3/14 Elizabeth
(pink cuffs) The simple bondage is really working on her here. A candid little interview with one of our bondagey-est bondagettes. She likes being the star of your show.
5/24/14 Victoria
The cutie who sits next to you in Chem II needs help with some equations; you need help with the fact that she always wears tights under her jeans. She's so sweet she doesn't even think it's weird when you ask her to come over and talk about it. Gulp. Click left.

5/27/14 Abigail
(pink wrap) A double-newbie update this week! If you don't like watching girls get turned on by bondage, probably skip this one.
5/17/14 Malivu
She lost control of the situation very, very quickly. Hard to sound like the boss when you've got a mouth full of pantyhose, but darnit if Malivu doesn't try. Click left.

5/20/14 Esther
(blue catsuit) Escaping without escaping: An essay on enjoying your predicament. Inside! :)
5/10/14 Elizabeth
With most girls, it's really just a matter of practice, practice, practice. Don't give up until you get it. :) Click left.

5/13/14 Christina
(encasement) Hard to direct a scene from under that many layers. Chris gives up the reins, eventually.
5/3/14 Skylar
Life's not fair, missy. Get used to it. Click left.

5/6/14 Juliah
(cuffs) "This cuff stuff is easy!" Juliah told us. Yeah, if you have the key...
4/26/14 Anna & Molly
This one qualifies as a cold shower scene. Our swim team girlfriends invite you to watch them explore gentle bondage and not-so-gentle teasing, after school. Click left.

4/29/14 Caroline
(blue top) "You want me to do *what* with your feet?" Carebear didn't sign up for this...
4/19/14 Esther
The new girl has to pass the time test. It's not long before she gets antsy. Not much to do but wait, and wait some more. Click left.

4/22/14 Naomi
(hogtie) A simple position takes an unexpected turn. Lovely Naomi lets the bondage win.
4/12/14 Raye
Doesn't get much more girl-next-door than this week's update. Welcome our latest bondagette Raye, for whom this is all very, very, very new. Click left.

4/15/14 Ramona
(hogtie) Femdom made easy--a couple pairs of cuffs and a willing friend.
4/5/14 Caroline
While other girls were dreaming about the Jonas Brothers, Caroline was fantasizing about Houdini. She's been an escapology groupie for so long, and now her can't-get-out wish is coming true. Even if she changes her mind. Click left.

4/8/14 Denver
(black bench) On a piece of bondage furniture built for dominatrix clients, Poptart plays test tease subject. The new table did great; Denver needs a little work.
pantyhose bondage
3/29/14 Iris
Any scene that opens with shiny spandex leg worship and ends with a newbie pleading to try the vibrator is probably worth a bit of your time--maybe use up that sick day you've been saving? Click left.

4/1/14 Kitty
(getting squeezed) It's not about who's got stronger thighs, it's who wants it more. There is no tomorrow!
3/22/14 Naomi
"I've been in lots of trouble, handcuffs and riot cuffs too, but they always let me off the hook."

Playing prisoner games with newbie gets steamy, fast. Come inside and see just how steamy. Click left.

3/25/14 Elizabeth
(hands overhead) Come closer, she's got a secret, let her whisper it in your ear...
And a few more weeks...


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