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4/12/14 Raye
Doesn't get much more girl-next-door than this week's update. Welcome our latest bondagette Raye, for whom this is all very, very, very new. Click left.

4/15/14 Ramona
(hogtie) Femdom made easy--a couple pairs of cuffs and a willing friend.
Also on our sites this week... Co-ed gone bad, on QualityControl. lots of bondage for our fetish-hungry newbie, on the casting site. SMOOSHED, on TeaseAndThankYou.



4/5/14 Caroline
While other girls were dreaming about the Jonas Brothers, Caroline was fantasizing about Houdini. She's been an escapology groupie for so long, and now her can't-get-out wish is coming true. Even if she changes her mind. Click left.

4/8/14 Denver
(black bench) On a piece of bondage furniture built for dominatrix clients, Poptart plays test tease subject. The new table did great; Denver needs a little work.
pantyhose bondage
3/29/14 Iris
Any scene that opens with shiny spandex leg worship and ends with a newbie pleading to try the vibrator is probably worth a bit of your time--maybe use up that sick day you've been saving? Click left.

4/1/14 Kitty
(getting squeezed) It's not about who's got stronger thighs, it's who wants it more. There is no tomorrow!
3/22/14 Naomi
"I've been in lots of trouble, handcuffs and riot cuffs too, but they always let me off the hook."

Playing prisoner games with newbie gets steamy, fast. Come inside and see just how steamy. Click left.

3/25/14 Elizabeth
(hands overhead) Come closer, she's got a secret, let her whisper it in your ear...
3/15/14 Malivu
Lock-picker, street performer, college student. Can she outwit ConversationPiece? Click left.

3/18/14 Morgan
(hogtie) Forced entry on this studious cutie, but wait, she's not putting up much of a fight...
3/8/14 Jana, Molly & Christina
Tickle-gasm day is always SUPER intense, even for the Escape Club's most dedicated members. Throw in some surprise wrestling revenge, you've got yourself a full day... Click left.

3/11/14 Esther
(zipties) Curvy, curious, 18. Come inside and meet our newbie. :)
3/1/14 Juliah
This poor, adorable newbie got stuck (ha) babysitting again! No matter how much she whines, her little brother won't cut her out of all that tape. Click left.

3/4/14 Ramona
(white shirt) She can't seem to stay out of trouble. Nothing worse than Friday detentions.
2/22/14 Morgan
A cute fetish exercise takes a competitive turn for our submissive SJ escapologist Morgan, who is fast becoming one of our best. Click left.

2/25/14 Julia
(hogtie) All other bondage plans are tossed aside (like dust in the wind, dude) as our newbie of the day expresses her own interests and we make her happy.
2/15/14 Jamie
Eager, excited chemistry between the keeper and the kept. Power struggles and unresolved conflicts turn a cutesy scenario into a dazzling display of BDSM between girlfriends. Do. Not. Miss. Click left.

2/18/14 Caroline
(blue jacket) Sometimes, simple bondage is best. And it's even MORE best when it's on a breathy little newbie. Yum.
2/8/14 Denver
Denver is put through the wringer and completely submits to a slow, sensual tickle session. One of Denver's best, which is really saying something.Click left.

2/11/14 Ramona
(hogtie) When you need to practice your hog-cuff moves, who do you call? The most agreeable little skateboarder babe in town...
2/1/14 Jana & Ramona
It can be learned, but not unlearned. Ever see a bad girl pretend she's... not? Sad, sad... Click left.

2/4/14 Morgan & Harley
(handcuffed) Bedroom cuff games between these two coeds, who have a nice relaxing time figuring out who's more sadistic, and who's more masochistic. Don't miss this one...
1/25/14 Skylar
The most adorable show not on television. Skylar just won't let up with the cuteness, nor will she give up in her quest to find the perfect straitjacket. Click left.

1/28/14 Elizabeth
(metal) Speaking of shows, little Liz is putting on one, herself, but for your eyes only.


1/18/14 Kendall
After being treated with such kid gloves during the tie-up phase, the newbie is somewhat surprised by what happens after the blindfold goes on. You, however, are probably not surprised at all. ;)
Click left.

1/21/14 Cara
(purple catsuit) In the right hands, an easygoing evening rope practice session becomes an indulgence--a private, melty night between new friends, who are surprised to have found each other, if only for a little bit, in a Western Mass bondage studio.


1/11/14 Jamie
Skeptical Jamie is hypnotized to believe wearing pantyhose is orgasmic. The result is glorious; watch her become a slave to her own legs.
Click left.

1/14/14 Amber
(hogtie) There should be a new word for this kind of situation, like "cufftastrophe." Ha.


1/4/14 Iris
She's smirking and unapologetic about straitjacketing up her friend, but what will our very fetishy newbie do when it's HER turn in the bondage?
Click left.

1/7/14 Kitty
(ball gag) Roomie takes a break from the homework to play rope games in a charming little "tutorial."


12/28/13 Harley & Morgan
A friendly game with a high-stakes wager. Geek goddess Harley's prize involves activities too dastardly to mention here. So, lesson is, make sure you know who you're messing with, both in MtG and in BDSM.
Click left.

12/31/13 Amber
(strapped down) Just...hold...still. Just for a minute, hold still for me. If you can. If you can't...

And a few more weeks...


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