New to modeling? New to fetish? No problem.

No experience required. We shoot photo and video content for our small, niche websites--no nudity at all--and all the bondage should be comfortable and very well designed. We're used to working with newbies and professional models alike. We provide everything from wardrobe to makeup to transportation, and encourage you to ask questions--leading up to and during the shoot.


We are full-time producers, and our little company has been established for more than 15 years. We have a 4500 sq ft+ home/office located in Northampton, MA.

If this wasn't clear from our ad: There is no nudity required for this position, you can do this in your jeans--we'll provide a variety of outfits. We have a great reputation both in the fetish industry and locally. Ask your friends or an upperclassman, we've worked with models from all 5 Colleges, and we're pretty well-known.

Happy to provide references, just ask.

Specific contact info for each of our producers can be found on our staff page.

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