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If you enjoy the work here, we truly enjoy building a professional relationship and inviting you back frequently.
This list is not required reading, but in case you take modeling seriously,
we wanted to offer some tips on what we think makes a good model, for working both here and elsewhere.

★ 1. Bring your A-game. The best models are those who show up on time, fresh, energized to shoot. Make sure you've slept and are not hungover. No drugs; ANYTHING that impairs your ability to think straight is a no-no. 6. Don't drive? Let us know ahead of time so we can figure out transportation together. We can help get you here, one way or another.
★ 2. Please do not show up sick! If you don't feel well, please tell us and we'll happily reschedule. Having a cold is simply not sexy. We will send you away if you are sick, so please just reschedule. 7. This is a professional shoot. We spend hours preparing for your shoot. We care about your experience here. If something doesn't feel right, please do communicate your concern. We want to fix it.
3. Don't bring unannounced guests. First-timers, you are welcome to have a friend come with you, meet us, and see the studios. Once we get underway, though, we don't want anyone here who isn't taking part in the shoot. Why? At best, we have to worry about a stranger being bored in our home, and can't devote full attention to you and the shoot. 8. What to bring: Your State ID, Passport, and/or Driver's License. Also come with basic makeup prepped to save time. We have a huge wardrobe here, so you don't need to bring outfits.
4. Let us know your measurements. Make sure they're accurate and current. Same with photos - send us pictures that are no more than a year old, and that show how your body and hair look NOW, without Photoshop or filters. If you have tattoos that is fine. If you have face piercings we may ask you to minimize or remove them for the shoot. 9. Eat something! In the past, some models have thought it was a good idea to skip meals so they would appear more thin, I guess. It happens. The result is that you may become lightheaded or low energy. Starving yourself before a shoot is the worst thing you can do.
5. Let us know if you have any medical concerns or physical limitations. Especially if they may prohibit a bondage rigging position. No biggie, we can work around things but it is helpful to have this information. 10. Patience is the best quality a model can bring. You need not have a single fetish bone in your body, but it is nice when a model can discern that we care about our work and is helpful, engaged, and respectful of the level of detail we try to acheive here. And seriously, if you have read this far thank you for your attention. This is a good indication that you are someone we will be very excited to make beautiful bondage positions with. ♥

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